MAC Committee

Executive Director: Caitlin Thompson

MAC Promoters: Andy Taus, Kris Auer, Tom Mains, Valerie Gould, Mike Czupryna, Bob Biese, David Miller, Jeff Appletans, and Jim Bernstein

Results & Rankings Coordinator: Greg Whitney and Caitlin Thompson

Secretary: Michelle Lee

Media Director: Michelle Lee

Sponsorship: Tom Mains

Treasurer: Lauri Webber

Facilitator:David Miller

Rider Representative: Greg Whitney




Series Sponsors

Bikereg: The official registrar for the Mid-Atlantic Cyclocross Series.

Voler: GoCycling's Jeff Appeltans and Lara Marek, Northeast reps for Voler, would be happy to help outfit your team.


Thanks Linda M. for designing the series jerseys, Voler & Go Cycling for providing them, & Elliston coaching for the photo from Charm City 2015.

Read more about each race here.